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A Message From A-Quil:

Hello Everyone! Normally, I have my calendar of events listed here, but that would only show a TON of cancelled events. When it's time, I'll replace this message with a mix of real and virtual events, so stay tuned!

Anyways, hope you're staying safe & taking proper precautions during this unique time. I would like to send some love, support, & positive energy to my colleagues. I know tons of DJs, Emcees, Filmmakers, Artists in general, plus Wedding/Event planners, Photographers, Club/Bar/Venue Managers & Owners, Small Business Owners, MUAs, Barbers/Hair Stylists/Locticians, & many more people that are in unfortunate positions due to the shutdown of our industry. As we figure out this pivot, please make sure to check on one another. 

Also, to my fellow creatives & industry colleagues. If you're able, continue to find ways to order your steps, reinvent/reboot, and thrive in 2020. I know that's going to be a lot easier said then done, as above all else, we'll need to ensure the safety of our families first. But please, don't forget to continue towards those goals you set out for this year, with some extra caution & responsibility attached to it!


Peace, Blessings, & updates to come, so stay tuned! 




Wedding DJ Interview - Getting Ready for the First Dance
Time Keeps Slippin
Stay (Your Life Is Calling) - Dante Pirtle feat. A-Quil


About A-Quil

A-Quil hails from Saint Paul, MN, & has been keeping parties rockin' for almost a decade. From Day Parties to Weddings, Corporate Events to Fashion Shows, the outcome is the same: packed dance floors! A-Quil has developed into one of the hottest & most professional DJs one will find.   

In addition to DJing, A-Quil is also an Emcee, first as part of the collective known as Purest Form, then eventually solo. A-Quil’s music includes witty lyricism, social critique, & self reflection, while overall, staying as true to the original spirit of our Hip Hop culture as possible.



DJ Booking Inquiries | a.quilascending@gmail.com



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