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5.11.24 - ASCEND Wedding

5.15.24 - Borealis DIF Virtual Happy Hour

5.18.24 - ASCEND Wedding

5.23.24 - Red Pine Elementary School Dance

6.5.24 - Highland High School Senior Overnight

6.6.24 - North View Middle School Dance

6.13.24 - General Mills New Year Exchange Event

6.15.24 - ASCEND Wedding

6.19.24 - Juneteenth (stay tuned)

6.20.24 - General Mills Juneteenth Event

6.22.24 - ASCEND Wedding

6.29.24 - ASCEND Wedding 




ASCEND Entertainment Productions Wedding Teaser Video
A-Quil's Trivia Takeover Promo Video
Wedding DJ Interview - Getting Ready for the First Dance


Afrokaribe Workout Party!
Me & my Merch!
DJ'd their Wedding before the kids!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Mayer!
Smile for the pic!
Important Twirl!
Look who has merch!
Great Shot!
Another night at the office!
Mr. & Mrs. Schecher's 1st Dance!
Masked up!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Oatts!
Happy Brides & Grooms Only!
Reduced crowd per regulations, but big vibes!
1st Dance
Houston White Talking To the Crowd/Media
Setup Complete!
Always Let The People Tell It!
Dance time!
Juneteenth To Beauty Block Party
Good Times w/ Good People!
When the 3 of us go...
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Hoof!
Back to the 90's & 00's
Name in Lights!
Viking Cheerleader Approved!
Sounds for the Field!
Surprise Party Was A Success!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Sessofia!
Energy for the Bride & Groom!
Packed house!
But 1st...
Got to bring my special Trivia back!
Black White & Gold Party
Sigma Beauty Holiday Party
Hello old friend!
A Minnesota to New York Wedding!
Halloween Party!
Curated Fashion Show After Party!
Sound Check!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Lewis!
Partying into the night time!
Let the fun begin!
The Historic!
Preshow Videomixing!
Groom's on top of the world!
Your Hosts!
Back for another Candy Fresh!
Free Minds Free People Event Day 2!
Free Minds Free People Event Day 1!
Standing Ovation at the end!
Wedding w/ a skyline!
Upper level view!
NCAA Volunteer Party
Soul De Mayo w/ DJ R-Tistic!
Soul De Mayo w/ DJ R-Tistic!
Back To The 90's & 00's April '19
The Winter's Group 35th Anny Party!
Jammin in line!
Virginia Cheerleaders & my tunes!
NCAA Final Four Dribble
I won! *at life, not the 'ship lol!*
NCAA Event!
The Winter Meltdown!
Got that GLOW!
Video Mixing!
Thanks for a great show Kevin!
"New laptop drip, who dis?"
Candy Fresh!
Candy Fresh!
Coming To America Birthday Party!
Jack Friday Game Night & Karoke
Elevate Your Network!
Getting ready for guests to arrive!
DJ Milk & I tag teaming a night!
Sometimes I pick the mic up!
DJing for a cause!
Who's World Is This?!?!
A Wedding that Parties!
Back to the 90's/00's

About A-Quil


A-Quil hails from Saint Paul, MN, is the owner of ASCEND Entertainment Productions, LLC (DJ & Video Production company), & has been keeping parties rockin' for more than a decade. From Day Parties to Weddings, Corporate Events to Fashion Shows, the outcome is the same: packed dance floors! A-Quil has developed into one of the hottest & most professional DJs one will find.   

In addition to DJing, A-Quil is also an Emcee, first as part of the collective known as Purest Form, then eventually solo. A-Quil’s music includes witty lyricism, social critique, & self reflection, while overall, staying as true to the original spirit of our Hip Hop culture as possible.



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