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A-Quil DJ Events:

1.11.20: Private Murder Mystery Party

1.25.20: Private Wedding

2.1.20: Private Party

2.6.20: Private U.S. Bank Stadium Event

2.6.20: Back to the 90's & 00's w/ A-Quil & Manny Duke!

2.8.20: Private Wedding

2.9.20: Soul Bowl Hip Hop Brunch Presents: Neo Soul Love w/ A-Quil!

2.12.20: BIPOC Reception

3.1.20: Soul Bowl Hip Hop Brunch Presents: Mardi Gras Music w/ A-Quil!

3.5.20: Back to the 90's & 00's w/ A-Quil & Manny Duke! 

3.12.20: B.A.D. Wings/Glam Doll Donuts Pop Up

3.15.20: Soul Bowl Hip Hop Brunch

3.21.20: A-Quil Presents: The Winter Meltdown 2 (CANCELLED)

4.2.20: Back to the 90's & 00's w/ A-Quil & Manny Duke! (CANCELLED)

4.4.20: Private Party (CANCELLED)



Stay (Your Life Is Calling)
16 Over 35


About A-Quil

A-Quil hails from Saint Paul, MN, & has been keeping parties rockin' for almost a decade. From Day Parties to Weddings, Corporate Events to Fashion Shows, the outcome is the same: packed dance floors! A-Quil has developed into one of the hottest & most professional DJs one will find.   

In addition to DJing, A-Quil is also an Emcee, first as part of the collective known as Purest Form, then eventually solo. A-Quil’s music includes witty lyricism, social critique, & self reflection, while overall, staying as true to the original spirit of our Hip Hop culture as possible.



DJ Booking Inquiries | a.quilascending@gmail.com



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